First Day of Internship!


Entering a corporate office for the first time ever, my mind was fraught with a lot many thoughts. Apprehensions and fears, doubts and worries. But they all seemed to fade away the moment I was greeted with about two dozen smiles. Maybe my colleagues won’t eat me up then! Not this soon, anyway..

My first day as an intern was nothing like I had imagined it to be. No coffee runs, no print outs; basically nothing that fit my schema of being an intern. The two lawyers( I am interning at a law firm) that were in-charge of me took it upon themselves to make sure that I would leave after fifteen days as an aspiring lawyer. They said they were going to make me fall in love with law and in these few days, they really have managed to succeed a little. Their eloquence and candour for the field and the way they explained law vocab to me has got me to venerate them, mucho.

I honestly could not have asked for a better first internship. I am entirely enticed by law and it currently holds a very prime position in my list of career options( which to be honest, is a very long one with like daily additions) to consider. Here’s to hoping for a great two weeks here!


Gain from your pain~


Memories are those incidents that you do not or cannot forget, even if you want to. Incidents that have high emotional values are the ones that strike us vividly, again and again. Painful memories, the ones we might try a hundred times over to forget, are always present in our heads.

People constantly tell me to stop cribbing over our ‘petty’ problems because a million others are fighting worse battles. I personally find this highly riveting as to how these people understand the amount of pain or stress we encounter as a result of our ‘petty’ problems. I’m not saying I might have it the worst out of all existing beings but discounting my problems on account of it not being a world problem doesn’t make it better for me. Does it non-relevance to world problems render my pain unimportant? Isn’t it still affecting me in the worst ways?

We all attach pain to so many things that are significant in our lives but might be rather mundane or puerile to others. Crying or being hurt does not make one weak. What does determine our strength is how we choose to overcome the pain. We can either let it make us or break, that’s all in our hands. It is okay and at times even requisite to cry or sob after the realization of a rather deplorable truth. But to get back onto your feet and to learn from the experience will boost your confidence and inner strength. To love and trust yourself is the best way to grow in life. Never let betes noires convince you of not being good enough.

We’re all beautiful, we’re all intelligent. Above all, we’re all the best we can be! Sometimes serenditpity happens, more often than not it doesn’t. Never lose hope. Something is always waiting for you. Go get it. xx

My Identity. (In strong protest of the Supreme Court of India’s Ruling of Criminalising Gay-Sex)



I was born free,

Not charged any fee,

For my existence on this planet.

I was told to be alive,

And not taught to strive

For my rights as an intellectual being.


The way I dress,

The way I talk,

Who decides upon this all?

Why can’t I romp around naked?

Or converse in indecent language?

The world is mine too, after all.


And yet I follow the set rules,

Right from childhood,

With no questions whatsoever.

Do I still not earn any freedom,

To make simple choices,

Like who to love and be loved by?


Why does gender become an issue,

In a world that boasts of being new-age?

A world that is so widely connected,

And yet so narrow-minded;

I am an individual too,

I have needs and wants that aren’t few.


All I ask is to be allowed to love,

A person who is truly mine;

Why does gender become an issue?

Why can’t I live my own life?

Without all this discrimination,

And legal threats of prosecution?


I am an individual too,

And I deserve the chance to live;

The only life that I have (to the fullest),

Nobody should take away my right

Or else I will only be full of spite

Towards this entire race of unkind beings.


Help me please,

I need your support,

I want to feel safe in my own home.

This planet is my country,

This world is my home.

Homosexuality is a part of my entity,

It is my only identity.


-Juhi Kore, LGBT supporter.

(I am straight, though)

Life? …


This feeling of emptiness,
This feeling of loneliness,
When will it dissipate
Into mere happiness?

These tearful moments,
These despair filled moments,
Am I ever going to get rid of
These no-gain moments?

What point to life
Exists now?
What meaning to living,
Exists now?
Why bear all this suffering
That bears no fruit,
Just taking it all in,
Being ever so mute.

All I want to feel
Is the divine emotion of happiness
Is it really that hard
To attain that greatness?

No easy ways out,
Only this painful tryout,
No guaranteed success,
No hopeful brightness.

I will still wait,
For the light,
And the end of this tunnel,
That we all call life.

Scripted Lives..


We all have those particular people in our lives, whom we’d give up anything and everything for. But, is this sense of sacrifice always reciprocated? I think not.

I know of people who have literally given themselves up for others- mind, body and soul and got nothing but unhappiness at the end of it all. Why do we enter vicious cycles of dysfunctional relationships even though we know the outcome will be in the negative? Why go through pain every time?

Psychology attributes this demented behavior to a concept known as ‘scripts’. Scripts are essentially set patterns of behavior that our bodies feel comfortable in and thus follow them over and over again.

This does sort of help our understanding of human nature and the addiction to people of similar temperaments, but at the end of it, aren’t we all different? We’re all diverse beings with riveting differences and this is what helps us grow as a society and as individuals. Although, getting out of these scripts and our comfort zones might seem impossible, it certainly is not. Any of us can achieve anything we set our mind onto.

We just need that push and the hope for success. The day we lose hope, is essentially the day we lose this unfought battle with our own entity. Hope literally keeps us alive, of course along with oxygen. Wait for the right chance and the right person. Never let small incidents wipe off your beautiful smile. Try getting out of your comfort zone, because that’s when you’ll finally reach your own happy place.

Story Of My Life… Not! #fictitious


He seemed like the one; the right one, the perfect one, the chosen one. And best of all, he was mine. It all seemed too good to be true and highly unreal and as they say, all that glitters is not gold. He was like my knight in shining armor riding this beautiful horse who swept me off my feet. Well, he entered my life at a point where I was pretty vulnerable and so, he did save me.

He made everything seem so easy and wonderful. Being the broad shouldered loving and caring guy, he did win me over. But sadly, he fell head over heels too. Maybe too much too soon and that really escalated all brewing troubles.

Soon, all the magic had disappeared. Petty fights turned into ugly arguments. All existing love now seemed like lust. All the promises, lay broken, seemingly deplorable. Broken trust equals to broken relationships. And that was the case here too.

Someone once told me, the best things in life don’t come easy. But honestly, if it isn’t easy, what’s the point? Why put in hard work when you know the end result will be heartache? I haven’t heard of any relationship that has only had ups and no downs. When you know the downs are inevitable, why work your ass off to prevent them?

Puerile persons don’t make for good partners but sometimes other accentuated features or charismatic personalities hide the actual temperaments of people. So, always contemplate before choosing a person because just airy-fairy details don’t make up for the crux of his or her entity. Know the person well and only then move forward. Never blindly follow your heart…